Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO Kaito Cover songs

笑って笑って Smile, Smile



Song Title:笑って笑って Smile, Smile(Waratte, Waratte)
Original music and lyrics by Hanako Oku
Originally sung by Hanako Oku
Singers:Kaito and Meiko
Voice edited by 哀愁P(Aishuu-P)

献呈 結婚お祝いver. Widmung Celebrating Marriage Version



Song Title:献呈 結婚お祝いver. Widmung Celebrating Marriage Version (Kentei kekkonn oiwai version )
Music by Robert Alexander Schumann
Lyrics by 秋中真コト(Makoto Akinaka)
Singers: Kaito and Meiko edited Makoto Akinaka

交響曲第5番 朝ごはん Symphony No. 5 - Breakfast


【絵師様と】うちのKAITO24人で『交響曲第5番 朝ごはん』挑戦【コラボ】
Music Title:交響曲第5番 朝ごはん Symphony No. 5 - Breakfast
Original Music by Beethoven
Lyrics by 上海太郎舞踏公司B
Singer: KAITO edited by 哀愁P(Aishuu-P)
Illustrated by NOZ, 神夢, 五月

English translation by hokorichan

Get Along Together


【KAITO】Get Along Together【山根康広】

Song Title: Get Along Together
Singer: Kaito edited by まつりゅう(Matsuryuu)
Originally sung by YASUHIRO YAMANE
Music and lyrics by YASUHIRO YAMANE
Lyrics by ナツメ神楽(Natsumekagura)

闇ノ王 King of Darkness



Song Title:闇ノ王 King of Darkness (Yami no Ou)
Music and Lyrics by 悪ノP(Akuno-P)
Originally sung by 鏡音リン(Rin Kagamine)
Singer:KAITO edited by 鉄分P(TetsubunP)
Lyrics arranged by a_a

Fanmade PV

Illustrated by 有斗

Fanmade PV

Illustrated by 名無し