Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO 花の刻印 Engraved Mark of The Blossoms

花の刻印 Engraved Mark of The Blossoms



Song Title:花の刻印 Engraved Mark of The Blossoms (Hana no Kokuin)
Music by 桐生琢海/異界堂Works
Lyrics and voice edited by 薪原あすみ(asmP)
Illustrated by 富夫(Tomio), カラコロ(Karakoro)
Singers: KAITO as 郷田和人(Kazuto Gouda), MEIKO as 小野伊豆子(Izuko Ono)

*Kazuto Gouda and Izuko Ono is fanmade characters appear in Harmonia series. The authors say Kazuto is an elder brother of 郷田カイト(Kaito Gouda) and Izuko Ono is a cousin of 里宮めいこ(Meiko Satomiya). Kaito Gouda and Meiko Satomiya are also fanmades.
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