Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO take the field (FULLMOON)

take the field (FULLMOON)


【KAITO+MEIKO+LOLA+ハク】take the field (FULLMOON)【オリジナル】

Title: take the field (FULLMOON)
Singers: Meiko, Kaito, Haku Yowane and Lola
Music and lyrics by マイゴッドP(Mygod-P)
Video produced by Mygod-P

Project Diva

【Project DIVA 2nd】 take the field (FULLMOON) 【エディットPV】
Video produced by 中谷

Project Diva

【Project DIVA 2nd】 take_the_field(FULLMOON) 【EDIT】
Video produced by [゚д゚]

Project Diva

【Project DIVA 2nd】take the field(FULLMOON)【エディットPV・KAITO&ハク】
Video produced by ルーブル磯野

Japanese Lyrics
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