Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO 泣キ虫カレシ My Boyfriend Is A Crybaby

泣キ虫カレシ My Boyfriend Is A Crybaby



Song Title: 泣キ虫カレシ My Boyfriend Is A Crybaby (Nakimushi Kareshi)
Music and lyrics by チョリスP(Chorisu-P), フェルナンドP(Fernand-P)
Originally sung by 初音ミク(Miku Hatsune)and 鏡音レン(Len Kagamine)
Singers: Meiko and Kaito edited by キイカ(Kiika)
Japanese lyrics

English translation by blacksaingrain

It’s all over now
Don’t cry

All I can do for you is crying with you, who are a crybaby
The two of us cry together and that’s so funny
Tears stop and we laugh

KAITO: I put one of the matching rings in my pocket
MEIKO: I put the ring we chose in my pocket

MEIKO: I know it will hurt you, but I have to say it now
KAITO: I know that, but I have to say it now

I pretend to be tough to say, “Smile” and pat your head
when we are parting

I choose the word “Good-bye” for the crybaby who forces himself to smile
when we are parting

All I can do for you is snuggling up to and showing you my smile,
For you who hate to lose

On a crossover bridge of memories the two of us walk together
As it, which we are gazing at, is separated, I have to say it now

I lower my eyes alone when we are parting
I knew you would say that. But they won’t stop
Where is your “love” now? It’s running through my fingers

I spell magic for you, crybaby
Magic that makes the tears stop
Put on the same expression as me, just smile

The two of us get silent when we are parting
The last feeling we tell each other
See you
KAITO: “Thanks”
MEIKO: “Sorry”

It’s all over now, I won’t cry…

KAITO: *sobbing* I don't wanna part with you, Mei-chaaaan
MEIKO: I said "This is just a cover!"
Len: Hey, how many times Kaito-nii gonna do that?
Miku: It's okay, this time both of them could sing to the end

Romaji lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

kore de owari ne nakanai no

nakimushi na kimi ni dekiru koto wa ne
tsukiatte naite ageru dake
futari naite sore ga okashikute
namida ga tomari waratteru no

kimi to osoroi no yubiwa wo poketto ni (kimi to eranda poketto ni)

kizutzukeru koto sore wa wakattateru
aa demo iwanakucha

wakare no toki ni tsuyogaru boku wa
waratte to iinagara atama wo nadeta

wakare no toki ni tsukuriwarai wo
miseta nakimushi ni erabu kotoba sayonara

tsuyomushina kimi nidekiru koto wa ne
yorisotte egao miseru dake

kimi to aruita omoide hodokyo (kimi to futari de hodokyo)

miteiru saki wa sore wa wakareteru kara iwanakucha

wakare no toki ni utsumuku hitori
wakatteita kotoba dakedo
tomannai yo

yubisaki kara kobore ochiteiku
kimi no "suki" ima wa doko ni aru no?

nakimushi ni mahou wo
namida tomaru mahou wo
watashi to onaji kao suru no yo waratte

wakare no toki ni mukuchina futari
saigo ni tsugeta kimochi
ja ne
"arigato" "gomen ne"

kore de owarida nakanaijo
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