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About this page

About this page

There are more than 18,000 vids are related to KAITO, and 8,000 to MEIKO on Nico. Of them, there are more than 2,000 vids that depict Kaito and Meiko together. Still achieving the lists and I'm going to add more vids and Japanese/English/Romaji lyrics.
You can watch them even you don't have Nico account, but need to install
the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Lists of Kaito & Meiko vids on Nico
Kaito & Meiko Original songs
Kaito & Meiko Cover songs
Kaito & Meiko Parody songs
Kaito & Meiko Dramas
Kaito & Meiko MMD
Kaito & Meiko Fanmade PVs
Kaito & Meiko Fanmade mix
Kaito & Meiko Project DIVA
Kaito Original songs
Kaito Cover songs
Meiko Original songs
Meiko Cover songs
Collaborative Original Songs

*They cannot be displayed when lines are too heavy.
*Push the buttom on the lower right to undisplay comments on vids.
*Not all of them are depicting the two as a couple.

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