Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO 「君へ」 "To You"

「君へ」 "To You"


Song Title :「君へ」"To You" (Kime e)
Music and lyrics written by kagari for Kaito
Singer: KAITO edited by アイス芋P(Iceimo-P)
Illustrated by えるる(Eruru)

Sung by Kaito and Meiko

【KAITO用課題曲】君へ を年長組に歌ってもらった【KAITO&MEIKO】
Singers: Kaito and Meiko edited by Ramunoki
English subbed

[Japanese lyrics by kagari]

初めて聴いた君の 歌声
 やさしく僕の心に 響く
 ずっと そこには 君がいたから

 「ありがとう」の言葉 君に伝えたい
 この空の向こう側 君のいる場所へ
 出会ってからずっと 光溢れてる
 今 鮮やかに色付いてゆく
 僕のこころ 君色に

 何度も繰り返した その声
 この先 ずっと記憶に 残る
 きっと これ以上 幸せなこと

 「ありがとう」の気持ち 君に届けたい
 もしも 出会わなければ 今の僕はいない
 出会った日のことを 今も覚えてる
 ほら 鮮やかに蘇る
 君との想い出 ah...

 君の歌う声が ずっと響いてる
 喜び 悲しみ 苦しみ 全てを
 「ありがとう」と君に 何度でも言うよ
 この歌を 君に 贈るよ

[English translation by blacksaingrain]

I heard your singing voice for the first time
It rings in my heart so tenderly
Whenever I feel sad
Whenever I stop going
As you were always there
I could step forward
I want to say words of “thank you” to you
Over the sky to the place where you are

Since I met you, the light has been overflowing in my heart
Now my heart is vividly coloured with your colour

I heard your voice ring over and over again
It will remain in my memory forever
I felt if I could share gratifying things with you
Surely nothing would make me happier than that
I want to extend a feeling of “thank you” to you

If I had not met you
I could not have got to where I am now

I still remember the day I met you
See, the memories I made with you vividly come back

Your singing voice has been ringing
As if to wrap happiness, sadness, bitterness and everything
Again and again I’ll say “thank you” to you
I can do nothing special but I’ll dedicate this song to you
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