Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO Red Reflection

Red Reflection


【MEIKO】Red Reflection【オリジナルPV】

Song Title:Red Reflection
Music and lyrics by maya
Additional synthesizer by yuukiss
Mastering by 新井健史
Illustrated by しーな(Shiina)
Movie by 御厨わた

*The song is linked to Kaito's "Gardian Blue"(Guardian Blue) and "Color Chronicle"
"Gardian Blue" with english and romaji subtitles
"Color Chronicle"
English and Romaji subbed

Japanese lyrics

English(Romaji) lyrics by blacksaingrain

As I aimlessly stop going and close my eyes
(futo tachidomatte hitomi wo tojireba)
The image of yours comes into and goes out my mind...
(anata no sugata ga ukande wa kieru...)
If I can stay by your side, I don’t need anything else
(tada soba ni iretara sore dake de ii no)
Now... my heart aches in blueness for being separated
(ima... hanarebanare no aoki setsunasa)

You warmed me… as I didn’t know anything
(nani mo shiranai watashi wo... atatametekureta)
You put yourself at risk and protected me...
(jibun kakete mamottekureta ne...)

I had been walking alone
(hitorikiri aruiteta)
But you changed my chilly way of life
(sonna sameta ikikata wo anata ga kaetekureta)
As it's distant now
(ima wa tookutemo)
I’m wistful and lonely
(setsunakute sabishikute)
As I’ve yearned and yearned for seeing you
(zutto zutto aitakute)
I was looking for you
(anata wo sagashiteta)
At dusk on that day
(ano yuugure ni)

This time I’ll protect you
(kondo wa watashi ga anata wo mamoru wa)
Just because of the genuine desire I changed myself...
(sono omoi dake de jibun wo kaeta...)

When I found you who had been missing
(ikiba shirenai anata wo mitsuketa toki wa)
I was not what you had known...
(anata ga shiru watashi ja nakatta...)

The half of my body was
(kono karada hanbun no)
Mechanical with zeros and ones
(kikaijikake zero to ichi)
Even if I feel you
(anata wo kanjite mo)
I cannot touch you
(fureru koto dekinakute)
Even if I love you and I'm in love
(aishite mo koishite mo)
I’m sure it won’t come true forever
(kitto zutto kanawana)
I'm fully aware of that
(sonna no wakatteru)
I just want to protect you
(tada mamoritai)

Though my body was distorted
(yuganderu kono karada)
You held me tight
(konna watashi dakishimete)
You smiled and said “I love you”
("aishiteru" to hohoenda)
You were crying too...
(anata mo naiteta...)

Even if my way is thorny
(kono michi ga ibara demo)
I’ll protect you whom I like, I like, I love
(sukina sukina daisukina anata wo mamoru kara)
Even if I get broken
(watashi ga kowaretemo)
The sky of redness endlessly spreads
(harukanaru akai sora)
Though it’s a hopeless world
(sukui no nai sekai dakedo)
I love you
(anata wo aishiteru)
Forever and ever
(zutto itsumademo)
First off, thanks for making this mini 'compilation' of KaiMei songs and videos, I found great songs thanks to this blog ^^

May I ask if this song has a 'title', or something? Since this is more or less a 'trilogy'.
2011/10/03(月) 03:48 | URL | Anonymous #-[ Edit a comment]
Re: Question
> First off, thanks for making this mini 'compilation' of KaiMei songs and videos, I found great songs thanks to this blog ^^
> May I ask if this song has a 'title', or something? Since this is more or less a 'trilogy'.

My pleasure :]
I bought maya's album including the three songs of the trilogy, but there was no title or description. What is clear right now is that "Blue Gardian(Guardian)" is the first song, "Red Reflection" is the second and "Color Chronicle" is the third of the trilogy.
2011/10/03(月) 05:12 | URL | Blacksaingrain #p9PZ5MAg[ Edit a comment]
Ah, that's too bad...

You see, I'm planning on adding a series page of this song in Vocaloid wiki, but I can't do that if there's no title.. (Because I found these two songs REALLY addictive) XP

Thanks anyway for replying so fast! :D
2011/10/04(火) 03:54 | URL | Anonymous #-[ Edit a comment]
Re: Question
Oh, I see. Well, I think it's okay to call it "Color Chronicle series" or something temporarily, because the author might not give a name to it. But, that's just my personal opinion ^^;
maya says he's thinking of uploading the third song on Nico. He might name the series then. If he does, I'll write it here.
2011/10/04(火) 07:29 | URL | Blacksaingrain #p9PZ5MAg[ Edit a comment]
Right, then I'll name it 'Color Chronicles' for now.

Wow, that's good news! :D I'm looking forward to that song, and your translation as well, of course! Hahah :)
2011/10/04(火) 07:43 | URL | Anonymous #-[ Edit a comment]
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