Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO それが僕らのジャスティス That's Our Justice

それが僕らのジャスティス That's Our Justice


Song Title:それが僕らのジャスティス That's Our Justice(Sore ga bokura no jasutisu)
Music and lyrics by シンP(Shin-P)
Main Singer: MEIKO
Chorus: KAITO, 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

This song is coupled to Kaito's 卑怯戦隊うろたんだー(Hikyou Sentai Urotandar)

Original(Kaito version)

Music arranged by シンP(Shin-P)
Main singer: Kaito
Chorus: Meiko

Fanmade Mix

Mix by かずなり(Kazunari)
Japanese lyrics

Our Justice is...

We got out of the deep darkeness like a cold closed jail,
And we're still wandering about,looking for the answer.
As the future we dreamed of when we were children would never come true,
we had believed the day would come and waited for it.

The words of our oaths we wrote on the sandy beach
has been washed away by the silver waves,
and they're melting into the merciless sea.
The hearts we reflected in the blue sky has been caught in the dark clouds
and they're drenched in the cold rain.

No doubt Justice without power is too helpless.
But Power without pride doesn't mean anything.
Even if everything in this world may be our enemy,
we'll keep on fighting against without flinching.
Our Justice is ...there.

We're caught in the honeyed trap
that make us unable to feel saddness.
How long do we have to pray for a miracle vainly?
As the tears we shed wouldn't strengthen us always...
we tried to be kind to others.

The hope bloomed on the the rock surface has been blown
by the silver wind
and they're falling into the canyon of illusion.
the rut left on the snowfield has been shined by the blue moon
and they're covered with the gentle snow.

No doubt Ideal unable to realize is too meanless.
But, if we don't have a dream, nothing will come true.
Even if the way we chosen may be covered with thorns,
we'll keep on going ahead without wavering.
Our ways are ...there.

No doubt Justice without power is too helpless.
But,Power without pride doesn't mean anything.
Even if everything in this world may betray us,
we'll keep on pursuing the ideal.
Our Justice is ...there.
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