Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO メルト Melt

メルト Melt

Parody (Separated ver)


Title: メルト Melt
Singers: Kaito and Meiko edited by いなーP(Inaa-P)
Music & Lyrics written by ryo
Originally sung by Miku Hatsune
Illustrated by 54321
Lyrics arranged by halyosy & Inaa-P

Parody (Chorus ver)

Cover (Separated ver) English subbed

Japanese Lyrics (written by ryo, arranged by halyosy & Inaa-P)

朝 目がさめて
真っ先に思い浮かぶ 君のこと
思い切って 髪型を変えた
「どうしたの?」って 聞かれたくて

今日の僕は かっこいいんだ!

メルト 溶けちゃいそうだよ
好きだなんて絶対にいえない… だけど
メルト 目も合わせられない
恋に恋なんてしないぞ 僕は
だって 君のことが …好きだよ

天気予報が ウソをついた
オリタタミ傘 うれしくない
ためいき 気付いた もしかして

「しょうがないから入ってやる」 とかね

メルト 息が苦しくて
君に触れた左手が 震える
熱い鼓動 はんぶんこの傘
手を伸ばせば届く距離 どうしよう…!
想いよ 届け 君に

お願い時間よ止まれ 泣きそうだよ
でも嬉しくて 死んじゃいそうだ!

メルト 駅に着いてしまう
もう会えない 近くて 遠いよ だから
メルト 手をつないで歩きたい!
KAITO:今すぐ 君を抱きしめたい!・・・なんてな
MEIKO:今すぐ 私を抱きしめて!・・・なんてね

English Lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain):

When I woke up in the morning
The one first came to mind was you
I brought myself to change my hairstyle
Cause I wanted you to ask me "Something happened?"

Wearing a gray jacket and a silver skull ring,
I'll go out
I'm sure I look cool today!

Melt! I'm almost melting
I feel I can never say "I love you"
But, Melt! I can't even look into your eyes
I won't be in love with love
Cause you're the one I love

The weather forecast told a lie
It rains so heavily
I keep a collapsible umbrella in my bag. I’m not happy
I hear you sigh. Maybe you wanna...?

Saying "Okay, I'll share it with you"
I wonder if you found I blushed bright red
I hear the sound of falling in love

Melt! I'm hard to breathe
My left hand touching you quivers
Under one umbrella my heart beats faster
You're so close that I can reach for yours. I just don't know what to do
I wish you knew how I feel

Oh, I wish time could stop. I'm close to tears
But I might just die of happiness!

Melt! We're about to get to the station
I can't be with you any more. We're so close but still not
So, Melt! I wanna walk hand in hand with you
Do I have to say bye-bye now?
KAITO: Just wanna hold you tight at once!...Just saying
MEIKO: Just hold me tight at once! ...Just saying

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I like the song but could I use it in a fan fiction of mine. If not, it's ok with me.
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You're welcome
I love this song too. Actually I just did the translation and I'm not the author of the vid. But I think there's no problem with writing a fanfic based on this.
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