Vocaloid KAITO x MEIKO Meiko Cover songs

おちゃめ機能 Mischievous Function



Title: おちゃめ機能 Mischievous Function(Ochame Kinou)
Singer: Meiko edited by もふ(Mofu)
Illustrated by ネズ(Nezu)
Music and lyrics and video produced by ゴジマジ(Gojimaji-P)
Originally sung by 重音テト(Teto Kasane)

Project Diva

【Project DIVA 2nd】 おちゃめ機能(MEIKOカバーver)【PV+ちょっとおまけ】
Video produced by pk/センヌP(Sennu-P)

あなたを想いたい I Wanna Think About You


Music Title: あなたを想いたい I Wanna Think About You(Anata wo Omoitai)
Singer: MEIKO edited by 旗振りP(Hatafuri-P)
Video produced by Hatafuri-P
Illustrated by みおざき(Miozaki)